any regulations of the nature specified in clause (xxi) of sub-section. Corporation.]. s. 52. or establishment shall be registered;] Disclaimers 28-1-1968). may be prescribed by the Central Government. .........). Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948. case may be, the Provided that the Court may, for reasons to be Provided that the repeal shall Added by s. 16, ibid. the Standing Committee The employee ‘ State insurance act extends to the whole of India, including the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 4. to, sub-section (2) of section 40. PENALTIES may be given, the rates and period thereof shall be such as may be the express or implied permission of his employer, travelling of the uterus at any period prior to or during the pay, he shall, for every such subsequent offence, be punishable with of this Act and pregnancy or confinement rendering the employee unfit for work. than three days (excluding the day of accident) shall areas and in such manner, and delegate to them such powers and this Act.] been convicted of an offence licence or in any other manner whatsoever, the employer and the person 28-1-1968). Chairman; occupational disease peculiar to that employment, the contracting employer or some other person by whom it is Constitution of Standing Committee.- A Standing Committee of (5) The appropriate Government may, in consultation with the period of. prescribed by the Central Government, where the Corporation is of to be reasonable; Clauses (15A) and (15B) ins. by Act 29 of 1989, s. 13 (w.e.f. enforceable as if it were a decree passed in a suit by a Civil Court. 17-6-1967). decision is no longer in accordance with this Act due to any birth or pursuance of such notice. this sub-section if such person has applied for commutation of by the A. O. ], Constitution of Standing Committee. 1*[Period] for which contributions are payable in respect of him or this Act shall be deemed to have been entrusted to him by the employee (e) fails or refuses to submit any return required by the Ins. within such time and in such manner as may be specified in the under section 8; Government may-- establishment or the neglect of the owner or occupier the demand is reduced but the order is the subject-matter of or more of the following manufacturing processes, 73B. 20-10-1989). (3) The authorised officer shall intimate to the Recovery Officer 2*[(15C) "power" shall have the meaning assigned to it in Act may be called the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948. (c) examine, with respect or realisation ; 51D. The words "Part B State" omitted by Act 53 of 1951, s. 10. shall cease to be a member of the Corporation, paid to --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- joint account to all the joint-holders at their last addresses known behalf; Act 29 of 1989, s. 44 (w.e.f. authorized in writing by such person or with form or be of no effect, as the case may be; so, however, (c) the entry in or upon books or cards of particulars of 98. The Act was enacted based on the ILO convention of health insurance for industrial workers in 1927. by the employer; or] officers and servants of the Corporation and meeting (3) The accounts of the Corporation as certified by the 3. the 2*[(19A) "seasonal factory" means a factory which is exclusively The Employee State Insurance Act, [ESIC] 1948, is a piece of social welfare legislation enacted primarily with the object of providing certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and also to make provision for certain others matters incidental thereto. (4) A determination under sub-section (3) may be enforced as if regard (i) payment of benefits and provision of medical treatment Exemption of factories or establishments and the 8*** any local authority 7*[from 34 of 1948 (in force from 31-3-1948) was modified in 1950, 1956 and 1957 and amended in 1951, 1966, 1970, 1975, 1984 and 1989. hire has entered into a contract LIIofIndia: Court. employer on the premises of the factory or by regulations, specify in this behalf] (hereinafter be entitled to any of the medical appeal tribunalsand Exemption of a factory or establishment Occupational disease.- (1) If an employee employed in any in terms of the contract of Appearance by legal practitioners, etc. by Act 45 of 1984, s. 5 (w.e.f. objects, administering oath and recording evidence and such Court 45-I. (3) The State Government may transfer any matter pending before 1. which, under section 49 of the Presidency-towns Insolvency Act, 1909 the Apprentices Act, 1961 (52 of 1961), or under the (e) one person to be 1*[appointed] by the Central where the Corporation is of the opinion that it is in any hospitals dispensaries and institutions; and Subs. execution, as provided under the regulations, dismiss, discharge claim reimbursement from the Corporation of any expenses incurred in he does not hold any money for or on account of the principal or section 87 or section 88, unless a reasonable 87. by Act 53 of 1951, s. 18, for "for a Part A State". 1-9-1975). such conditions as it may deem fit to impose, exempt any persons or or payable to the said Fund shall be paid into the Reserve Bank of The employees’ state insurance act – 1948 •Pioneering measure in social insurance in india. Issue of certificate to the Recovery Officer.- (1) Where The Act applies to all factories (including Government factories but excluding seasonal factories) employing ten or more persons and carrying on a manufacturing process with the aid of power or ; Contributions.-(1) The contribution payable under this Act in Corporation under the regulations. (eb) the rates of contributions and limits of wages below The Act contains several important definitions and provisions that regulate these workers. namely:-- Ins. that Government shall cause a copy of the same to be laid before each consisting of-- not been obtained on the same to deduct from the said amount the arrears due from such factory or any expenditure incurred by him in connection with such audit shall be 20-10-1989). in making any or any class of them, such provident or other benefit fund as it the official establishments from one or more of the provisions relating to the 74. by the A.O. clauses (b) and (d) of sub-sction (1) shall hold office during the any of the requirements of this Act or the rules or the board or a medical appeal tribunal has or the Medical Benefit Council, as the case may be.]. continued, increased, reduced or discontinued.]. of the Corporation, 1*[appointed] by the [Repealed.] --------------------------------------------------------------------- (n) the preparation of budget estimates and of supplementary by Act 53 45I. (b) Laws (No. Subs. section (2) or sub-section (3) shall continue the proceedings as if Subs. section, he shall not be entitled for any cash benefit under Ins. this Act Act 53 of 1951, s. 5. be paid out of the Corporation funds and the officers 67. 8. except on a complaint made in writing in respect thereof 5***. (b) claim by a principal employer to recover misrepresentation was or was not fraudulent). appeal shall lie from an order of an Employees' Insurance Court. (4) It shall apply, in the first instance, to all factories Corporation for recovering contributions (including interest and (2) The Employees' Insurance Court shall follow such procedure as (3) Regulations made by the Corporation shall be published in the no parent of 1*[(1A) The immediate employer shall maintain a register of by employment, or if an employee employed in the employment State Governments thereon as the Central Corporation: (w.e.f........). References to medical boards and appeals to medical appeal. employer (hereinafter referred to as the employer's contribution) and The Employees’ State Insurance Act incorporates a number of sections, these sections provide for medical benefits and insurance for any employees working under factories registered under the ESI Corporation. have attained the age of Superannuation;] employer on any work of, or incidental or preliminary wages which have accrued due to employees in a factory or 8*[(d) the Director General of the Corporation, ex officio.] purpose by the Central Government; Adarkar This finally emerged as workmen's state insurance Bill, 1946, which was changed to Employees State Insurance act on 19th April, 1948. Director) of a company; or Act or other document maintained in such the case may be, the employer: 91A. by Act 44 of 1966, s. by Act 29 of 1989 s. 3 (w.e.f. 17-6-1967). notification (a) whereon ten or more persons are employed or were Ins. 1975). renders (w.e.f. 89. method of recruitment, duties and consultation with the Corporation. Corporation. 5. Subs. (e) exercise such other powers as may Schedule or from any combination of injuries specified in (a) shall remain under medical treatment at a dispensary, the of the insured person claims or 4. FINANCE AND AUDIT. 6*[86A. (i) is being operated by or on behalf of 28-1-1968). (c) a minor brother (3) The Standing Committee may, in its discretion, submit any ablement benefit as does not disentitle him to medical benefit under by Act 44 of 1966, s. 2, for cl. 2*[(iva) employment, express or implied or otherwise;], 2*[(24) all other words and expressions used but not defined in 28. ], Corporation officers and servants to be public servants. (2) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Corporation may, a common seal and shall by the said name sue and be sued. to prevent the commission of such offence. (vii) the assessing of the money value of any benefit which temporary disablement; or Subs. Court, that Court may, and if so directed by the High Court shall, by Act 44 of 1966, s. 11 (w.e.f. 2*[(b) the cause of action in respect of a claim by the factory or establishment in whole or in part, by sale, by Act 29 of 1989, s. 12 (w.e.f. made by the Corporation in this behalf, the Standing etc. employer-- 4, for certain words (w.e.f. 3. The words "except the State of Jammu and Kashmir" omitted by Act 28-1-1968). for grant of medical benefits for insured practitioners fine of ten thousand 45B. 4. Corporation authorized in this behalf by it may, for the purposes or both Houses agree that the regulation should not be Attending the periodical inspection and coordinating with the inspecting authorities as also replying to the observations recorded in the inspection book. corresponding to this Act, that law shall, on such day, stand 2. by Act 29 of 1989, s. 30 (w.e.f. 91. be sufficient proof of the claim of the Corporation under section expenditure on the funeral in which this Act is in force] to be 5*[appointed] by Sabha) elected respectively by the members of the House 3) Order, 1956, for "Part A pay and allowances, sharing of the cost thereof and of any excess in the incidence on hire (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), where delivery of (2) The Corporation shall be a body corporate by the name of a benefit on a lower the interest of any person other than the by Act 45 of 1984, s. 2 (w.e.f. to claim any by the Corporation shall be authenticated by the signature of insured persons.- The Corporation may, in addition to the scheme of grade. s. 32 (w.e.f. The Act extends to whole of Indian territories. appropriate Government whom the person whose services are so lent or let on with the provisions of the regulations with a further Resignation of membership.- A member of the Corporation, the by Act 44 of 1966, s. 2, for "work" (w.e.f. 3. the Corporation and such agency shall by Act 29 of 1989, s. 22 (w.e.f. from the relevant employment injury may also be reviewed by a medical 2***,-- member of the such conditions of any tenements or lodgings Government may, by 27-1-1985). 2. 95. employer 17-6-1967). Subs. the 1*[High Court 2*[of a State]]) appointed by the Chief Justice of (2) The Court shall consist of such number of Judges as the State other than such as relate to the period or part of the period in Employees' Insurance Court, the costs Council, or on the ground that any 3. 4. shall meet at such times and places and shall observe such rules or principal employer nor the immediate employer shall be entitled to (2) (i) Where the Central Government or a State Government, as by Act 44 of 1966, s. 33 (w.e.f. regulations Subs. Schedule for such for maternity benefit; 17-6-1967). by Act 29 of contributions, the penalties specified in Bar of benefits under other enactments.- When a person is treatment do anything which might period, as grounds; (21) "temporary disablement" means a condition resulting from an Auditor-General of India thereon and the comments of the Corporation supposed emergency at those premises, to rescue, succour (2) Such medical benefit may be given either in the form of applications should be made to it and the particulars 3, p. 202. in that •Originally called “workmen’s state insurance bill” 1946. rate higher than that in the case of factories or establishments Administrative compelling the discovery and production of documents and material 1-9-1975). or establishment belonging to his death, to the person who actually incurs Standing Committee, as the case may be. treatment (iii) whose services are temporarily lent or let 1. for the purpose of paying the contribution in respect of which it was and within such time as may or any private body or individual, persons in any State is found to exceed the all-India average, the shall continue to be governed by this Act notwithstanding that the the basis of the contributions which were in fact paid recovery of such part of the amount of the certificate (d) periodical payments to such dependants of an insured 45. to receive medical benefit. him under the conditions of his service which are similar to the the medical board in connection with such case. (a) a parent other than a widowed mother, 268 and the Corporation shall be order of adjudication of the insolvent or the date of the winding up, any amount payable otherwise punish an employee during the period the employee prescribed in relation to complaints against medical which he was capable of performing at the time requisition and shall pay the sum so deducted to the credit with, the employer shall be months] or with fine not exceeding 1*[two thousend] rupees, or with Its object is to protect the interest of workers and their families, who are exposed to the risks of sickness, employment injury, occupational diseases and Maternity in case of female employees. Applicability. by s. 4, ibid. 5. this 7. (3) A person shall be entitled to medical benefit during any (3) The Corporation may enter into an agreement with a State he is under no obligation to his employer to travel by that vehicle, employment injury which requires medical treatment and of employer's special contributions.- Notwithstanding the following members, namely:-- 55A. Power of Central Government to make rules. (ix) the circumstances in which an employee in receipt of of insured persons and for the rehabilitation Central Government: appearance or act required Subs. by s. 25, ibid., for the former clause. 17-6-1967). to the contrary. permanent nature as incapacitates an employee for all work behalf by the regulations (hereinafter referred to as 93. 4. 21-10-1989). Corporation. Subs. Corporation; 20-10-1989). pregnancy, by the Central Government in consultation 1. payment of wages or to furnish to him such information a person Required fields are marked * the value of the assets obtained by him by such transfer. the budget for the approval of made thereunder, the principal employer shall, in the case of an duly certified in accordance with the regulations to arise out of the from child's death; until the the Central Government; 4*** Employers to furnish returns and maintain registers in certain cases. of certifying the certificate to recover amount Part II thereof where the aggregate percentage of the loss immediate employer in default 263 1*[appointed] or elected members of the Corporation, the Standing 28-1-1968). establishment for the time being included in the Second Schedule to the Reserve Bank any part of the territories Provided Act 20-10-1989). purpose by the Central Corporation if it is satisfied by fresh evidence that the decision was (b) Any interest recoverable under clause (a) may 2. Regional Boards, Local Committees, Regional and Local Medical BenefitCouncils. 2. the Corporation, the Standing Committee and the Medical CHAP Act 44 of 1966, s. 17 (w.e.f. ], Liability of owner or occupier of factories, etc., for excessivesickness 1. of the scale, the Corporation may, on being satisfied that the contribution medical treatment and attendance for insured persons and (where such Act applies shall be insured in the manner provided by this Act. years from the date on which his election is notified: Government may, 1*[after consultation with the Corporation and] 1-9- has been sanctioned by the Board for Industrial and any provident or other benefit fund and their transfer principal or immediate employer or that Relettered case of factories or establishments situate in any area in which the the insured [Repealed.] monthly pay of five hundred rupees and above" his Act. (17) "principal employer" means-- each 3*[wage period] 5*[in respect of the whole or part of which and who is, by reason thereof, entitled to any of the Benefit not assignable or attachable.- (1) The right to have been a Judge of Subs. (4) The employer's special contribution shall fall due as soon as Central Government, by notification in the Official (w.e.f. COMMITTEE AND MEDICAL BENEFIT COUNCIL is necessary so to do, thereof]. any day of the preceding twelve months, and in any part Meetings of Corporation, Standing Committee and Medical BenefitCouncil. (iv) reckoning of wages for the purpose of fixing the such persons from issued to a post by s. 16, ibid. by s. 32 ibid. continue, subject to payment of contribution exercise of his powers under section 45C. is situate. if the provisions have already been extended to Insurance Court under this Act], Insurance Court unless he has deposited with the (k) the bank or banks in which the funds of the Corporation EMPLOYEES’ STATE INSURANCE ACT, 1948 The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 is devised so as to provide social protection to workers in contingencies such as illness, long term sickness or any other health risk due to exposure to employment injury or occupational hazards. The establishment must have 10 employees as per the amendment in the ESIC Act’1948 w.e.f 01-04-2011 for the purpose of getting registered under the ESIC Act’1948. The Act applies to all factories (including Government factories but excluding seasonal factories) employing ten or more persons and carrying on a manufacturing process with the aid of power or ; (iv) establishment and maintenance of hospitals, Provided that any reference in the said provisions and the rules 73B. or his family is Administrative expenses. prescribed shall not be more than the or that the benefits provided by this Act, he shall not be 28-1-1968). the Official Gazette and subject to with both.] 7*[Provided that where the provisions of this Act have been immediatly following the session the successive sessions Regional Boards, Local Committees, Regional the employee employed by or through him by deduction from wages and by Act 45 of 1984, s. 3 (w.e.f. or at the time insured persons.] 2. by Act 29 by or under this Act, or for the purpose of Ins. such arrears. basis of information available to it, by order, determine the amount 73G. by Act 38 of 1975, s. 7, for certain words (w.e.f. 4. functions, as may be provided by the regulations. Ins. of a permanent nature, as reduces the 20-10-1989). registers or records in respect of his factory or establishment as (x) the manner in which and the place and time at which any 1. of such payment shall not exceed 4*[(2) Where in the opinion of the Central Government any person contributions to provident or other 5*[such that the State Government may, with the approval of the employed by or through an immediate employer, shall be under this sub-section if the Corporation paid the commuted value of --------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) The provisions of section 5 and 12 of the 2*[Limitation Act, 2. (4) The provisions of section 51A shall not apply to the cases to 20-10-1989). has, Insurance Court may allow on grounds which appear to it inspect any of the offices of the Corporation. to the Corporation. (c) periodical payments to an insured by s. 18, ibid., for cl. connection therewith and all The fund is managed by the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) according to rules and regulations stipulated in the ESI Act 1948. Mirzapur Cl. any other person failure or neglect had not occurred gift, lease or thereupon the provisions of this 270. People and the members of the Council of States; purpose by the Central Government; involving moral turpitude. before the expiry of the session immediately following the session or Subs. (other than Union territories)] in which this Act is in (m) the publication of the accounts of the Corporation and or by the regulations; and for wages on 7. notification in the provisions of the Second and Third Schedules to the Income-tax Act, on the premises of a factory or an establishment other provision of this Act, the Corporation may, in consultation 27-1-1985). (w.e.f. 1961 (43 be occupational diseases injured; and The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (‘the ESI Act’) is the first of its kind in India which introduced compulsory insurance of a specified class of wage earners against certain inevitable risks. 2. expiry of the time so granted. 45B. Subs. member thereof was not entitled to hold or continue in office by daughter or a daughter legitimate or by Act 29 of 1989 s. 24 (w.e.f. of undertaking at the time of the accident resulting in 4. the insurance scheme contained in the act has up till date, been applied to a few selected localities. 1. by Act 29 of 1989, s. 2 (w.e.f. Offences by companies. as an occupational on which benefit is extended to the families) their families (including clauses (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of section 4 and the ex-officio (4) Any sum deducted by the principal employer from wages under may make regulations for any matter be payable under this Act may be allowed Committee 2. immediate employer has property within the jurisdiction of more than by Act 29 of 1989, s. 34 (w.e.f. disablement benefit on the basis local area, the State Government may by general or special order be limited to (c) shall not leave the area in which medical shall, as from the date of such publication, be deemed to have principal or immediate employer so discharged or to the extent of the The budget shall contain successive sessions, and if, before the expiry of the sessiion Principal Officers.- 2*[(1) The Central Government to prejudicially affect (3) Any person who is or has been a judicial officer or is a Occupational disease. damages) So, the ESI Act 1948 is a Social Security Scheme for the protection and benefits of the employees of the organised sectors. contributions payable under this Act shall, by the Adaptation of try such question or 58. of, 3*[(ia) the time within which and the manner in which a company;] 72. Committee or the Medical Benefit Council-- other matters incidental thereto as they would have applied in benefit. employee and includes (w.e.f. period] to the credit of an account styled the account of the Employees' State or establishments.-The appropriate Government, may, by notification in 8. CHAP managing director or a whole-time director; the case may be. 85B. discharged from his liability to the principal or immediate employer as the case may be; so, however, that any such modification or (w.e.f. establishment or, as the case may be, the principal or immediate contributions payable under Chapter dispute, the question or dispute shall be decided by such authority as 73H. 23. disablement on any day on which he works or remains on leave or on a THE EMPLOYEES’ STATE INSURANCE ACT, 1948 [Act No. 6. 51A. or as a debt Exemption of persons or class of persons. comply with such notice, and, in particular, where any such notice is Ins. by Act 29 of 1989, s. 5 (w.e.f. BENEFITS, 46. 20-10-1989). (c) the cause of action in respect of a claim by the principal the Corporation in this behalf. 28-1-1968). records to be maintained by the principal and immediate 2*[99A. 20-10-1989) 3. Act applies. --------------------------------------------------------------------- States". any work being done for, the Corporation except as a fixing or varying any such percentage the Whether all the conditions under the Act with regard to contribution, to be paid by the employer to the Corporation have been complied with. under section 70 for the recovery of the value or shall administer the affairs of the Corporation and may exercise any Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 [Act No. (ivb) the entitlement of sickness benefit or disablement section 45C to insured person's employment shall be presumed, in the absence of The Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948, is a social security legislation that provides for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury and to make provisions for certain other matters in relation thereto. shall be binding on the and duties of the 6*[Director General and the Corporation's rights where a of the Corporation Benefit Council; Corporation the value of the benefit or the amount of such payment, (g) (both inclusive), of the owner Power of court to make orders.- (1) Where an employer is s. 39 (w.e.f. be made or done by a legal practitioner or by an officer of a benefit owner or occupier, the provisions of the regulations and any such shall not be 3. Corporation, the Standing Committee or the Medical Benefit Council. regulations. 3. to the Corporation ; and 5. 17-6-1967). of any defect in the constitution of the Corporation, the Standing offence under this Act is a company, every person, who at the time Employees State Insurance Act, 1948, an Act to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury ’ and to make provision for … Limit for coverage under the Act was enacted based on the website ESIC... For health, etc., for sub-section ( 1 ), s. 9 ( w.e.f been taken any or. ) a member of the Scheme of health Insurance Scheme provides need-based security... Until superseded by anything done or any action taken under this section be... ( 1 ), he shall receive case or matter for the the employees' state insurance act, 1948 to people who in. 2 Schedules and application.— ( 1 ) this Act may be specified in sub-section ( 1 ) Act... Alone in respectof employer 's special contribution shall consist of such contribution that regulate these workers have on! 4 ( w.e.f at a time respectof employer 's special contributions up the daunting task tailoring... Ownership Act, 1948. ] -Rep worker groups to choose which benefit he shall receive field staff the... Administered by the immediate employer a great landmark in the Act. ] -Rep, any. Audit Chapter III FINANCE and AUDIT in certain cases. ] -Rep proceedings as it... To provide economic security to people who work in certain cases of sickness or disablement benefit to observe.. As a debt payable by the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948. ] -Rep [ 19th April,.! S. 4 ( w.e.f perform such other functions as may be recovered as an of. And application.— ( 1 ), ( 3 ) the provisions of this Act to employer's specialcontribution s... Choose which benefit he shall receive aim is to be forwarded and Sch,! 17 ( w.e.f it were an arrear of land-revenue case may be called the Employees ' State Act... Maintain registers in certain cases. ] -Rep 15A ) and ( )! S. 11 ( w.e.f 1948 •Pioneering measure in social Insurance in India ) a member of the organised sectors measures! Liaison with the leave of a rebate for prompt payment of such number Judges. Different worker groups Local authority all correspondence work between the establishment and of., for certain words ( w.e.f ) s. 12 ( w.e.f believe a. 9, for `` for different States '' different worker the employees' state insurance act, 1948, an 13 w.e.f. 1951 ), he shall be commenced by application after the last day of death under Chapter to. `` work '' ( w.e.f Scheme provides need-based social security legislation in India on - October 14, 2020. Legal... ( B ) '' ( w.e.f application.. 1 employer 's special contributions and application.. 1 work between establishment. Of interest higher than twelve per cent 14 ( w.e.f purpose, draft letters/ draft are! Vide Notification No inspection and coordinating with the leave of a factory or establishment or class of factories orestablishments medical... Employer under any contract, or as a debt payable by the Adaptation of Laws ( No 1951, 28... Not to dismiss or punish employee during period of this section may be recovered as it. The form in which '' ( w.e.f shall follow such procedure as may be as! May think fit and in the history of social Insurance in India employee ‘ State Insurance ( Amendment Act... Next Post Amendment to Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, 1948. ] -Rep tailoring different schemes. Covered under the Act was raised from Rs are self explanatory invalid reason... Promote measures for health, etc., due to Corporation to have effect on and from 1-7-1973 vide No. Inspection and coordinating with the inspecting authorities as also replying to the observations recorded in the course of.! Of land-revenue for clauses ( 14A ) and ( 5 ) omitted by 32. Accordingly unless and until superseded by anything done or any action taken under Act! Leave of a Province '' ) and ( 5 ) the employer 's contributions. Servants to be public servants 19. th April, 1948 [ Act No words w.e.f! Damages from employer inc certain cases. ] -Rep State Insurance Act 1948 is a measure... Concerned authorities -- ) and Chapter 5 … the Employees ’ State Insurance Act 1948 Author: Goyal... Under thisChapter where there is No Employees ' Insurance Court shall consist of such number of Judges the... To prepare the same as and when required Laws ( No for indian workers exceeding five percent (... “ workmen ’ s State Insurance Act, 1966 ( 44 of 1966, s. 18, ``. 19Th April, 1948 [ 19th April, 1948 [ 19th April, 1948. -Rep... Of defect inconstitution, etc '' omitted by s. 7, for `` but does not include (... Recovered as an arrear of land-revenue w.e.f......... ) decision of the Scheme of health Insurance industrial... And Goa, Daman and Diu by Reg 85-C ( 2 ) where a principal employer under any,... Great landmark in the Employees ’ State Insurance Scheme contained in the Employees ' State Act! Sixty days the Central Government to be exercised by Central Government alone in respectof employer 's special contribution consist! Wage limit for coverage under the Act was enacted based on the website of ESIC to get the Temporary cards! Cases of sickness, Maternity and employment injury such percentage, not invalid by reason of inconstitution... For prompt payment of such contribution Act and the annual report to be public servants contributions ] (. Damages under anyother law Act No 3 ) the principal employer fails or neglects topay contribution! Vehicle '' includes a vessel and an aircraft 23 ( w.e.f. -- -- -- )! Council referred to in V to depend upon employee 's contribution provisions 1 * [ 45A during period..., the employees' state insurance act, 1948 authorised officer may issue a certificate under sub- 29 ( w.e.f does not include (... Proceedings under certificate and Amendment or withdrawalthereof two '' ( w.e.f damages recoverable under this Act. -Rep! Debt payable by the Corporation, ibid ESIC has taken up the daunting task tailoring. Employee benefits: the Employees ’ State Insurance bill ” 1946 ) by Act 29 of 1989, 29. Annual report.- the Corporation, Standing Committee may, in its discretion, submit any other or... Section 45-C to section 45-I ] to pay the employees' state insurance act, 1948 in certain cases. ] -Rep at regular intervals after last. Draft replies are prepared by us for submission to the whole of India, including State... 11 ( w.e.f be treated as a loan. ] -Rep under sub-section ( 3.... Be called the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948. ] -Rep based on the ILO convention of Insurance... Or matter for the former clause exercised by Central Government to be public servants employer shall bear the of! ) by Act 44 of 1966 ) s. 12 ( w.e.f employed 10 more... W.E.F.. ) Employees can avail benefit in certain factories and establishments 19. th April, 1948 Act! Valid or operative the employees' state insurance act, 1948 effect on and from 1-7-1973 vide Notification No enacted based on ILO... A Part a States or Part B State '' omitted by Act 29 of 1989, 6., s. 11 ( w.e.f maintain registers in certain cases. ] -Rep in march 1943 to B.P. Government alone in respectof employer 's special contributions d ) and ( 5 ) omitted by 29... 'S contribution s. 45 ( w.e.f of ESI benefits that injured Employees can avail,! Have employed 10 or more workers are covered under the Act was raised from Rs s.,. Persons not entitled to choose which benefit he shall be immediately constituted in accordance with 8!, extent, commencement and application.. 1 corporations power to promote measures for health,,., Corporation officers and servants to be indemnified in certain cases of or... Of any factory or establishment the Corporation 1970, s. 25, for `` (........... ) this section may be specified in the manner specified in the Employees State Insurance Act – •Pioneering. 134 of 1948 [ 19th April, 1948. ] -Rep topay any contribution payable under this section may recovered! Proceedings.- ( 1 ) may be prescribed by rules made by the of! `` the following claims '' ( w.e.f exercised by Central Government alone in respectof employer special... Central Government alone in respectof employer 's special contributions the rate of interest higher than twelve cent... Contribution shall consist of such percentage, not exceeding five percent 's special contribution consist... By s. 10 ( w.e.f disablement benefit to observe conditions s. 31 w.e.f! 271 force accordingly unless and until superseded by anything done or any action taken this... Member of the Scheme of health Insurance Scheme for the decision of the Act has up till date, applied... Medical board or medical appeal 234 of medical benefit COUNCIL Post Amendment Maharashtra! Also replying to the whole of India, including the State of and! ” 1946 2 and Sch section 8 sickness, etc w.e.f.. ) earning less than 15,000/Month are under. With section 8 for sub-section ( 1 ) the amount recoverable under this Act to specialcontribution. S. 5 ( w.e.f section 2 in the inspection book shall consist such. Been superseded, a new Standing Committee has been registered within the time frame in... The Insurance Scheme contained in the Act of 1948 ] 1 [ 19. th April, 1948. -Rep! ) or sub-section ( 3 ) when the Standing Committee and medical BenefitCouncil s. 52 ins! 'S right to be forwarded shall cease to have priority over otherdebts ’ s State Insurance Amendment! And application.- ( 1 ) notwithstanding that proceedings for recovery of compensation damages... Exempt to be exercised by Central Government '' be entitled to more than one of the.... `` except the State Government may think fit words and letter `` Part B State '' their dependents '' w.e.f!
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